A+ Teacher Ornament

how to make a snowman ornament

By simply adding some paint to an ordinary mini chalkboard, you have a gift your teacher will cherish for years ~ a snowman Christmas ornament.

Write your name and the year on the back of the completed ornament so your teacher will always remember who gave them this special gift and what year they received it. It will bring back great memories year after year.


  • Fabric paint in squeeze bottles; white, green, red, black and orange
  • Glamour dust (very fine glitter)
  • 4" x 3" Chalkboard

Before you start, if your chalkboard came with a gold string attached, make sure it is at the top when you start to paint as you will be using this to hang up your ornament.

  1. *Draw a snowman with the white fabric paint by making three circles stacked on top of each other and fill them in with the fabric paint. Just keep squeezing the paint to fill the the circles.
  2. While still using the white paint, make a squiggly line approximately 1/2" above the bottom of the chalkboard. Fill in the area below the squiggly line with white paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle glamour dust on the snow on the ground.
  3. Using the red paint, write Teacher above the snow. Switch to the green paint and write A+ above the word teacher.
  4. Make a scarf on the snowman with the green paint by drawing a green line between the top two snowballs on the snowman. Then make two lines coming off of that for the ends of the scarf.
  5. Squeeze out two red dots on the snowman's belly for buttons.
  6. Squeeze out two small black dots for eyes and five small dots for a mouth.
  7. To make the nose, use orange paint and as you start to squeeze the paint out, release the pressure and pull to the right. You should now have a carrot shaped nose. You may want to practice this on a paper towel or piece of wax paper before painting it o the snowman.
  8. Finally, make random white paint dots on the chalkboard to represent falling snow.

The chalkboard should have come with a gold cord attached to the top but if it didn't', cut a piece of sting or monofilament, knot the two ends and glue or tape the string to the back of the chalkboard as an ornament hanger.

*If it is easier, you can sketch out the snowman and the words with pencil or chalk first before painting

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