Diaper Wreath

Craft a diaper wreath - baby gift


  • Newborn size diapers*; approximately 20
  • Elastics; our sample was made with small regular hair elastics but regular rubber bands are fine too.
  • Small clear hair elastics; one for each rosebud and one for each hat flower.
  • Painters or masking tape
  • Curling ribbon in two or more colors
  • Wire coat hanger
  • 3 Newborn hats
  • 3 Pair newborn socks
  • 2 Wrist rattles
  • 3 Teething rings
  • 2 Pacifiers
  • 6 Baby spoons

* Our sample was made with 21 Huggies diapers #2 12-18 pounds

Note: You can use any baby items to attach to the wreath. The items listed above are what we used on the sample wreath.

  1. Bring the hook of the hanger down to meet the top of the hanger forming a loop to hang the wreath up.

  2. Bend and shape the main part of the wreath into a circle creating a wreath form.

  3. Cover the large circle part of the hanger with masking tape or painter's tape. This will provide a clean surface for the diapers as the inside of the diapers will touch the wreath form.

  4. Take one diaper and open it up as pictured.  Do NOT unfold the sides of the diaper. Fold each of the sides inward at the top and bottom of the diaper so they are even with the center of the diaper.

  5. Fold the diaper in half around the wreath form. Slide an elastic over the top of the diaper and slide it down so that it is slightly above the wreath form.

  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 placing each diaper next to the previous one until the wreath form is covered.

    step by step crafting instructions to make a diaper wreath

    How to make a diaper wreath - step by step instructions

    how to fold a diaper for a diaper wreath

    how to fold the diaper onto the wreath form

    How to make a diaper wreath for baby shower

    craft instructions to make a diaper wreath

  7. Cut  four strands of curling ribbon each 20" long. Our sample uses two light blue and two dark blue but you can use any combination you like. One strand of each of yellow, pink, light blue and light pink would also be an excellent choice.

  8. Holding the four strands together as one, tie them around the elastic on one of the diapers.

  9. Curl the ends of the ribbon.

  10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for the rest of the diapers.

  11. Tie the baby items onto the wreath using the curling ribbon which is already on the wreath.

  12. Make rosebuds from the socks and attach them to the wreath. To make a sock rosebud, un-cuff the sock if it is cuffed and lay it flat on your work surface with the toe facing down and to the left. Start at the toe end and roll the sock until you get to the cuff. Wrap a small clear hair elastic around the end of the sock as pictured.

    How to make a rose from a baby sock

    Step by step instructions for making a sock rose

    craft a rose from a baby sock

    how to make a sock rose

    complete rose bud made from a baby sock

  13. Tie the sock rosebuds on as is or use them as the center of a hat flower.

  14. To make a hat flower, take one of the baby hats and bring the cuff up to the top of the hat. Turn the hat so that the opening is facing up. Place the bottom end of a sock rose bud into the hat and gather the hat around the rose bud. Wrap an elastic around the center of the hat where you gathered it.  Bring the edge of the hat up and over the elastic.

    Learn to make a flower from a baby hat and sock

    Craft instructions for making a baby hat flower

    baby sock rosebud crafting instructions

    using a baby hat and baby sock make a flower for a diaper wreath

    baby shower craft idea - baby hat flower

    complete baby flower made from a sock and hat

  15. Tie the top of the hat which is the bottom of the flower onto the diaper wreath. In our sample, we cut a piece of ribbon and tied it around the flower. Then, place the hat flower between two of the diapers and used the ribbon to tie it to a diaper on either side of the flower.

  16. We attached the wrist rattles by simply Velcroing them around one of the elastics on one of the diapers.

  17. To attach the baby spoons slide the handle of one spoon under an elastic which is around a diaper. Slide a second spoon handle through the same elastic but at an opposite angle.

    Attach hat flowers to the diaper wreath

    Attach baby spoons to diaper wreath

    Attach wrist rattles to the diaper wreath

  18. If you prefer, you can omit the sock rosebuds and the hat flowers and attach other baby items instead such as bottles, rattles and/or other toys.

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