Cork Gingerbread Ornaments

cork gingerbread ornaments - Christmas craft ideas

Our simple gingerbread man ornaments are made from cork and paint. Great family Christmas craft project.

  • Cork 1/8" thick
  • Paint and/or glitter glue in squeeze bottles - fabric paint works well
  • 3/16" Hole punch
  • Thin ribbon, monofilament or elastic thread
  1. Using the pattern provided on our printable page, trace the gingerbread man pattern onto a piece of 1/8" thick cork.
  2. Cut out the gingerbread man using scissors.  The side with the trace lines should be the back of the ornament.
  3. Using a 3/16" hole punch, make a hole near the top of your gingerbread man.
  4. Using glitter glue or paint in a squeeze bottle, outline your gingerbread man.  Also, make a face and buttons down the front of the gingerbread man.  Let dry.
  5. Attach an 8" piece of monofilament, elastic thread or thin ribbon for hanging.  To do this, fold an 8" length in half and knot the cut ends together.  Pass the folded end thru the hole in the top of your ornament.  Then, pass the knotted end through the folded end and pull taught.

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free printable gingerbread template