Ribbon Candy Ornament

Simple Craft Instructions - Ribbon Candy Christmas ornament


                                    Materials: Ribbon 22 " L x 1 " w
12 Beads
14" Gold string or white crochet thread
Needle (with eye large enough for the string and small enough to fit through the bead)
Water soluble marker (one that the marks can be wiped off)


  1) With the water soluble marker, make a mark " from one end. Make 10 more marks each 2" apart.

2) Thread the needle and knot one end. Be sure the knot is big enough to keep the bead from slipping off.

3) Slide one bead on then, put the needle through the 1st mark on the ribbon. *Place one more bead on then put needle thru ribbon at next mark. Repeat from * to end - Each time you put the needle into the ribbon you will be going thru the opposite side of the ribbon than the previous time. In short, keep flipping the ribbon back and forth.

4) You will end with a bead. I find it easiest to knot the thread before and after you put the last bead on. This will help keep the ribbon candy from loosening up.

5) After you put your last bead on and knot it, tie the remaining string in a loop for hanging.



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