Egg Garland

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Easy kids craft! With a little help, even young children will feel successful making this Easter garland.


  • 11 Plastic Easter eggs
  • 108 Pony beads
  • 2 yards 1/8" wide ribbon

Before you start your garland, plan out any color patterns you want to use and get the beads ready.

  1. Make a loop on one end of the ribbon by folding over about 3 1/2" and tying a double knot.  Check to see if the pony beads can slip past the knot.  If they can, simply make the knot larger by tying another knot on top of the double knot.  Once the knot is large enough to keep the beads from slipping off, proceed to step #2.
  2. Slide 9 pony beads onto the unknotted end of the ribbon and slide them all they way down to the knot.
  3. Open one of the plastic eggs.  Lay the ribbon across the center of one of the egg halves leaving a little slack in the ribbon.  Then close the egg with the ribbon sandwiched between the two halves.
  4. Add nine more beads to the ribbon pushing them up against the plastic egg.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until all the eggs and beads are on the ribbon.
  6. To finish off the garland, make a loop and knot it on the other end.
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Lay the ribbon across the opened egg
family Easter activity - beaded craft
Close the egg sandwiching the ribbon in between the two halves
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Add more beads

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Continue adding beads and eggs

Your garland is now ready to hang and you can use the loops to do so or just drape it across some branches.

If you want a longer garland, start with a longer piece of ribbon and more beads and eggs.

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