Heart Pin

how to make a beaded heart pin


  • 1" Wooden heart
  • Bar pin
  • Glamour dust
  • Approximately 30 -35 "pink glass rocailles" beads
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • White glue
  1. Paint one side and the edges of the wooden heart with the white acrylic paint.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle "Glamour Dust" over the painted areas.  Shake the excess onto a piece of paper or a paper towel and pour it back into your bottle for another project.  Let dry completely.
  2. On the painted side of the heart, run a bead of glue close to the edge following the shape of the heart.  Place a row of beads around the heart shape pressing them into the glue as you go.  When placing the beads, I made sure all my beads were going the same way - so that the holes were facing up - but this is just a matter of taste.
  3. Once the beads are all in place, carefully turn your heart over and place it on your work surface so that the beads are face down.  Glue a bar pin to the back and leave the heart in this position until the glue is dry.


  • If making these pins with younger children, start with a larger size wooden heart and larger beads as the small beads can be difficult for young children to manipulate.
  • Try different color combinations, such as red paint with white beads.

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