Tea Light Holder

craft a tea light holder from recycled baby food jar


  • Glass Baby food jar  
  • Tea Light (in a metal holder)
  • White Glue        
  • 2 scraps of fabric approx. 2" square
  • Glitter or salt       
  • Paint brush
  1. Cut two heart shapes out of fabric.
  2. Spread glue on the backside of each fabric heart and glue them to the outside of the baby food jar opposite each other.
  3. Using the paint brush, cover the outside of the jar completely with glue being sure to paint over the fabric hearts. Do not put glue on the bottom of the jar.
  4. Sprinkle glitter or salt over entire glued area and let dry. For this project I like to use the glitter in a bottle that has holes for sprinkling or you can place the glitter in an old salt shaker.
  5. Once dry, place tea light inside jar.
  • When the glue dries it will give the jar a frosted look.
  • I used a jar that was approximately 3" tall.
  • For a special holiday light holder, replace the hearts with shamrocks, snowflakes or other design but keep it simple.

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