Toilet Paper Pumpkin

how to make toilet paper pumpkins


  • Fabric 22" square, solid orange or calico
  • Green felt 5" x 2 1/2"
  • Craft paper 3" x 6" *
  • 1 Green pipe cleaner
  • Glue stick
  • Roll of toilet paper; the full roll not just the tube
  • Pencil or round chopstick

* If you don't have craft paper, use a paper bag

  1. Lay a 22" square of orange fabric right side down on you work surface.
  2. Place a full roll of toilet paper in the center of your fabric square.
  3. Working your way all the way around the toilet paper, neatly tuck the fabric into the center of the toilet paper roll.
  4. Cut a 3" x 6" piece of craft paper.  Starting at one of the 3" ends, roll the paper to form a tube which will be you stem.  Run a glue stick across the other 3" end before you finish rolling the craft paper to secure it in place.
  5. Using the leaf pattern provided, trace and cut out one leaf from green felt.
  6. Lay the stem on top of the leaf.  Securely wrap one end of the green pipe cleaner around both the stem and the leaf.  Curl the other end of the pipe cleaner by wrapping it around either a pencil or chopstick, then slide the chopstick/pencil out.
  7. Place the end of the stem/leaf piece into the center of the roll of toilet paper and your pumpkin is ready to display.
Make a stem from craft paper and a leaf from felt

Lay the stem on top of leaf

Lay leaf and stem ontop of a pipecleaner

Attach the stem and leaf together with a pipe cleaner

Secure the pipecleaner around both the pipecleaner and the felt leaf

Twist the pipe cleaner securely. 

Curl the ends of the pipecleaner around a chopstick

Wrap the pipe cleaner around a chopstick to create a vine.

Note:  I did not glue my fabric in place but if your pumpkin is going to be handled frequently you may want to glue the fabric as you tuck it into the center of your toilet paper roll.  I would use tacky glue for this.


make a pumpkin using a toilet tissue roll, polyeste fiberfil and fabricOptional:  For a more rounded pumpkin, use an empty toilet paper roll and some polyester fiberfill in place of the full roll of toilet paper.  To make your pumpkin this way, follow the steps above except substitute the empty roll of toilet paper for the full roll and simply place Fiberfill all around the empty tube until you achieve the desired fullness.




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