Doll Blanket

crocht patterns for dolls


  • 3 to 4 oz Worsted weight yarn - main color
  • Small amount contrasting color for border; Worsted weight yarn
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

Chain 52 stitches.

crochet a blanket for your doll with a free pattern from Craft ElfRow1) 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook * ch1, sk1 ch, sc in next ch * repeat from star across row, ch1 turn

Row 2) sc in 1st space, * ch1, sc in next space repeat from * across row

Repeat row 2 until blanket is 16 1/2" long. 

To make the shell border:

Attach contrasting color to one corner of the blanket and start by working across one of the ends.

Round 1) ch3; slst into ch between 2 of th sc *ch3, sk 1 ch space and slst into next ch space.  Repeat from * around the outside of the blanket (on the sides of the blanket your slip stitches will be at the end of every third row)

Round 2) *5 dc in 1st ch3 space; slst in next ch 3 space. Repeat from * all the way around the blanket.

Knott off and weave loose ends back into blanket using a yarn needle.

Idea:  You can turn this doll blanket into a baby blanket by starting off  with a longer chain and completing it according the the above directions.  Just make the chain as long as you would like the width of the blanket to be.

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