Crochet Pumpkin Pin

pumpkin crochet pattern


  • Small amount Worsted weight yarn; orange, green & black
  • Yarn needle
  • Crochet hook; size G
  • Bar pin
  • Needle & thread

With the orange yarn, ch 4, join to form a ring, ch1

Round 1: 8 sc in ring

Round 2 *1sc in 1st sc, 2sc in next sc; repeat from * (total of 12 sc)

Change to green yarn and attach with a slst to the circle.  Ch 4

1 sc in each ch (3 sc); slst to pumpkin next to where you joined the green.  Knot off and weave all loose ends in.

Using black yarn and a yarn needle, embroider a face on your pumpkin.  We used a straight stitch for the eyes and an outline stitch for the mouth.

Stitch a bar pin to the backside of your pumpkin with a regular needle and thread.

Make a crochetd pumpkin pin with free pattern and instructions from Craft ElfOptional:  Leave off the face for a plain pumpkin or cut out a face from black felt and glue on in place of embroidering.




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