Clown Doll

These clowns have been around for ages.  I crocheted my first clown doll when I was a young girl and still enjoy making them today.  This pattern is an oldie but a goodie!


  • 4 oz Worsted weight yarn - main color
  • Small amount contrasting color for border around hat and collar & for pompoms; Worsted weight yarn
  • Small amount of white or other solid color for face; Worsted weight yarn
  • Red yarn for mouth or scraps of felt for face
  • 3" Styrofoam ball
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

Legs (make two):

Chain 37; turn

Row 1:   2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, 3 dc in rem ch; ch 3 turn

Row 2:   2 dc in 1st dc, 3 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc, *3 dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc; repeat from * to end of row; cut yarn

Arms (make two):

Chain 25; and follow instructions for rows 1 and 2 of legs.


Chain 20

Follow instructions for rows 1 and 2 of legs but before cutting yarn, change color to contrasting color and crochet a row of 1 sc in each dc.


  • Chain 10 (this will be the height of the hat)
  • sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across; turn
  • sc in each sc for 11 more rows.
  • Join sides to form tube.
  • Close one end of tube to form top of hat
  • On other end, work sc around
  • 1st row of brim: 2 dc in each sc
  • 2nd row of brim: *3 dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc; repeat from * to end of row.
  • 3rd row of brim: Change to contrasting color and work 1 sc in each dc. Cut yarn


Chain 4, join to form a ring; work 10 sc in ring

  • Round 2: Inc 1 sc in every other sc (total of 15 sc)
  • Round 3: Inc 1sc in every 4th sc (total of 18 sc)
  • Round 4:  Inc 1 sc in every 5th sc (total of 21 sc)
  • Round 5:  Inc. 1 sc in every 6th sc (total of 24 sc)
  • Round 6 through 13: work even
  • Round 14: Dec 1 sc in every 6th sc; insert Styrofoam ball before finishing.
  • Round 15: Dec 1 sc in every 5th sc
  • Round 16:  Dec 1 sc in every 4th sc
  • Decrease to close end


  • After knotting off  and cutting each piece weave loose ends back into crocheted piece using a yarn needle.  This helps hide the knots and end pieces of yarn
  • Make a small pompom for the top of the hat and attach it.
  • Make 2 pompoms next size for hands.  Attach one to the end of each arm.
  • Make 2 pompoms size larger for feet and attach one to the end of each leg.
  • Sew arms and legs together with yarn needle and a matching piece of yarn.
  • Attach the collar to the bottom of the head by sewing it in place then attach the arms and legs to the head.
  • Sew the hat on top of the clown's head.
  • Make a face by either embroidering one with yarn and a yarn needle ( I made the sample using two x for eyes and an outline stitch and red yarn to make the mouth) or cut a face out of felt and glue or sew it onto the head
  • Optional: work a chain of desired length to form a loop and attach it to the top of the clown's head to hang him on the wall.

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