Key Holder

how to make a key holder

Dad will love this useful gift. Make a key holder from a block of wood and some hooks. Younger children can do this with a little supervision and older kids can successfully complete this project on their own.


  • Block of wood; our sample is 5" wide
  • Hooks with a screw thread on one end
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Hand drill*
  • Picture hook
  • Paint in squeeze bottle; the sample was made with silver fabric paint

* You can use a regular drill if you don't have a hand drill but that should only be used by an adult.

Our sample has 4 hooks but if you need more hooks get a larger piece of wood.

  1. Holding your wood lengthwise, use a pencil to mark where your hooks will be placed. They should be evenly spaced and close to the bottom edge of the wood.
  2. Pre drill a hole on each of the marks. I used a small hand drill available at most craft stores - very inexpensive. Then, sand any rough edges.
  3. Paint or stain the wood with one or more coats of acrylic paint or stain. Let dry completely between coats.
  4. Once the base coat is completely dry, paint the work "Keys" above the pre-drilled holes. We used fabric paint in squeeze bottle but you could use acrylic paint and a paint brush or paint pens.
  5. Once all the paint is completely dry, screw the hooks into the pre-drilled holes and attach a hanger to the back.

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