Lace Hair Bow

how to make a lace hair bow

Lace hair bows are simple to make if you follow the directions below.  Make a set of bows to give as a gift for Christmas or anytime.  They make an inexpensive accessory for any outfit.


  • Christmas hair bow - easy instructions from Craft ElfPlain hair clip

  • 18" piece of lace at least 1" wide * (wider lace makes a larger bow)

  • 12" string of pearls

  • Needle & thread

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

*The pink sample above was made with a lace that has two layers stitched together.

Experiment with different types and colors of lace for a variety of different hair clips.

  1. Cut an 18" piece of lace.

  2. Using a needle and thread, make a running or gathering stitch along the straight edge of the lace.

  3. Pull the thread to draw the lace into a circle.  Knot the thread. Then, stitch the two ends of the lace together.

  4. Hot glue the center of the lace circle to a plain hair clip.

  5. Take the 12" string of pearls and wrap it around three fingers.  Tie two or three strands of thread tightly around the center of the string.

  6. Hot glue the center of the string of pearls to the center of the lace (which is already attached to the hair clip).

  7. If one end of the pearls seems too long, simply trim it with a pair of scissors.

learn to make a hair bow

Make a running stitch along the straight edge.

how to make a hair bow

Draw it up in a circle then sew the ends together


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