Infant & Toddler Hats

baby hat knitting pattern


  • 2 - 3oz Worsted weight yarn
  • Knitting needles; size 8
  • Yarn needle

Our infant hat was made from Red Heart Fiesta worsted weight color 6301 - baby white.  Our toddler hat was made from Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight color 0382 - country blue

.Instructions are for an infant's hat with changes to instructions in ( ) for toddler hat.

Gauge: 8 Stitches = 2";  6 rows = 1"

  • Cast on 30 (34) stitches
  • Work K1 P1 ribbing for 4 rows
  • Work in stockinet stitch* for 11 1/2" (13")
  • Work K1 P1 ribbing for 4 rows
  • Cast off
  • You now have a long rectangle.  With right sides together, fold the rectangle in half and stitch the sides together with matching yarn and a yarn needle.
  • Weave all loose ends back into your work.
  • Make two pompoms for each hat as follows:
  1. Wrap yarn around 3 (4) fingers 75 (100) times.
  2. Slide the yarn off your fingers.  You should have a bunch of uniform loops.
  3. Tightly tie and double knot the center of the loops with two strands of yarn.
  4. Cut the loops and trim the yarn to make nice neat pompoms but be sure not to cut the yarn used to tie the center of the pompom.
  • Attach one pompom to each of the top corners of the hat.  To do this use your yarn needle to thread each of the four strands of yarn attached to the pompom through the right side of the hat to the inside of the hat.
  • Pull these strands taught and tie securely on the inside of the hat.
  • Trim away the excess yarn after tying.

*Stockinet stitch = K1 row P1 row; continue alternately.

To change the size of the hat, simply cast on more or fewer stitches and work the stockinet stitch for a longer or shorter number of inches.Free infant hat knitting pattern

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