Paper Party Candy Cup

craft a candy cup from a piece of folded paper



  • 1 Sheet printer or copy paper
  • 1 Red* pipe cleaner
  • 1 White* pipe cleaner
  • Stapler
  • Markers, colored pencils, crayons or glitter glue

* Feel free to use whatever color pipe cleaners you like.

By simply changing the colors or the way you decorate this you can make these paper candy cups for any holiday or season. Children can make them at a birthday party then fill them with candy to take home. They can also be made from construction paper.

Paper Valentine's day craft - candy cup

Hint: For nice sharp creases, go over each fold with a bone folder.

1) Holding a piece of paper vertically, take the top right corner and bring it down and to the left so that the top edge of the paper is lined up evenly with the left side of the paper as pictured. Holiday paper craft project

Learn to make a candy cup from paper

2) There will be a rectangle at the  bottom of the paper. Cut this off and discard it.

oragami folding instructons for a candy cup

3) Open the paper back up and you should have a perfect square. Only open the paper to verify that you have a square then refold it on the original fold line.

Learn to fold ordinary paper into a candy cup shape

4) Hold the paper so that the fold is horizontal and the two open points are at the top.

paper craft instrucitons

5) Bring one of the points down just so that it meets the fold as pictured.

Valentine's Day kids paper craft

6) Lift the point back up

Christmas paper craft project

7) Fold the right point in towards the center lining the straight edge up against the fold line.

Step by step paper folding instructions - candy cup

8) Repeat Step 7 with the point on the left - it will overlap the point you brought over from the right.

Folding instructions for making a candy cup

9) Bring the point from step 5 back down on it's fold line. This point will be on top of the last 2 fold you made.

Learn to make a candy cup for kids party

10) Flip the whole paper over so that it looks as shown here.

Make a candy cup from paper and pipecleaners

11) Take the point and bring it down so that it touches the bottom fold as shown.

How to instrucitons for candy cup made from paper

12) Twist two pipe cleaners together.

pipecleaner Christmas craft instructions

13) Slide one end of the pipe cleaner inside the paper cup close to the top corner and staple in place.


Valentine's day kids craft - candy cup

14) Bend the pipe cleaner to form a handle and attach the other end of the pipe cleaner to the opposite side of the cup attaching it by placing the end inside the cup and stapling in place.

Kids holiday crafts

15) Decorate any way you like with markers, colored pencils, crayons, glitter glue etc.

Make a cup of candy for kids from paper and pipecleaners

16) Fill with candy and give to your guests or hang them on the Christmas tree.


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