Shamrock Pin

shamrock craft


  • Green craft foam; 4" square piece
  • Two 10mm googly eyes
  • White glue
  • Glitter glue
  • Black permanent marker
  • Bar pin
  • 7mm Pompom
  1. Using our pattern, trace a shamrock onto green craft foam.  Cut out the shamrock. Note The side with the tracing lines should be the back of the pin.
  2. On the front side of the shamrock, glue on googly eyes and the pompom for the nose.  Draw a mouth and eyebrows with a black permanent marker.
  3. Outline the shamrock with glitter glue in a squeeze bottle.  Let dry completely before continuing.
  4. Turn the shamrock over and glue a bar pin to the back.  See our Hints & Tips section to learn how to attach a bar pin without having to wait for it to dry.

Idea:  Turn a shamrock into a magnet by replacing the pin with a 1" piece of magnet.

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shamrock pattern