Pot of Gold

Magnet and Door Hanger

pot of gold craft ideas



  • Black Fabric paint in squeeze bottle
  • 4" square of black craft foam
  • 4" square yellow craft foam
  • Tacky Glue
  • 1" piece of magnet
  1. Cut out one pot from black craft foam.
  2. Glue the magnet to the back of the pot.
  3. Fill in the rim area of the pot with black fabric paint.  Let dry completely.
  4. Cut out ten 1/2" circles from the yellow craft foam.  Once the fabric paint is dry, glue them onto the pot at the top overlapping them as you glue them.

Door Hanger


  • All the supplies listed above except the magnet
  • Mini alphabet stickers - approximately 1/2" high
  • One chenille stem (pipe-cleaner) in each of the following colors:  red - orange - yellow - green - blue - purple
  • Pre-made foam door hanger or 10" x 4" piece of craft foam to make your own.
  1. Follow the directions for the magnet skipping step #2 to make the pot of gold.
  2. I suggest laying everything out on the door hanger for placement before starting to glue.  If you don't have a blank pre-made door hanger, trace the pattern provided and cut it out.  I prefer the pre-made ones as they are thicker than the standard craft foam.
  3. Cut a 4" piece from each of the pipe-cleaners and put the rest away for another project.  Bend them each into an arch with the red on top and following the color order listed above - lay them in place.  Trim away any excess pipe-cleaner.
  4. Once the rainbow and pot of gold are laid in place where you want them, lay out the letters.  If you are happy with the placement start gluing everything on.  The letters I used were stickers so I just peeled off the back and stuck them in place.  Glue the rainbow on last and lay something like a book on it as weight while it dries.

* If you can't find the mini alphabet stickers (mine were made of craft foam) try writing with fabric paint in a squeeze bottle or using a permanent marker.

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