Paper Mache Box Gift Ornament

paper mache gift box Christmas ornament

Easy Christmas Craft! Make a Christmas gift ornament from a plain paper mache box. Add some paint and ribbon and you have the perfect gift to hang on your Christmas tree. Fun Christmas craft for the whole family!

Craft supplies:

  • Paper mache box; 1 1/2" h x 2 1/4" d x 2 1/4" w
  • Acrylic paint; green and white
  • Paintbrush
  • 1/2" square wooden cube or a pencil with a new eraser or a Q-tip
  • Monofilament
  • 1 Yard of 1/4" wide silver ribbon
  1. Take the lid off of the box. Using the green acrylic paint, paint both the outside of the lid and the outside of the box. Let dry completely.
  2. Once the green paint is dry, make either white squares or circles randomly on the outside of both the box and the lid. To make square dots, dip a wooden block into white paint and touch it to the box where you want the dot. You may want to dab it on a paper towel before touching it to the box to avoid transferring too much paint. I suggest you test it on the inside of the box before stamping the outside of the box. If you don't have a wooden block or if you prefer to make round dots, you can use a Q-tip of the eraser end of a pencil to make the white dots. If you use an eraser, it is best to use a new one. Let the dots dry completely.
  3. Place the lid back on the box.
  4. Wrap the ribbon twice around the box as if you were wrapping a gift and tie the ends in a bow on the top of the box.
  5. To make a hanger for your ornament, cut an 8" piece of monofilament and thread one end of it under the ribbon on one side of the ornament. Pull the ends so that they are even and tie them in an overhand knot.

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