Country Grove Knitting Stitch

country grove knitting pattern

The country grove stitch reminds me of a picnic in the country. It has a checker board look to it and would make a beautiful knit baby blanket. If making an afghan with this stitch, consider making squares of different colors then stitching them together.

With this pattern you can easily learn how to knit the country grove stitch.

Multiple of 6 + 3.
1st and every alt row (right side): Knit.
2nd row: Knit.
4th and 6th rows: P3, *k3,  p3; rep from * to end.
8th and 10th rows: Knit.
12th and 14th rows: K3, *p3, k3; rep from to end.
16th row: Knit.
Rep these 16 rows.

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