Craft Foam Bookmarks

make craft foam bookmarks

Craft foam bookmarks are so simple to make that even the youngest crafter can make them. You can assemble them with either glue or glue dots. If you use the glue dots, you eliminate the need to wait for the glue to dry.

Children can make craft foam bookmarks to give as gifts to loved ones.

Great project to help instill a love of reading in children and a love of crafting at the same time.

Craft Supplies:

  • Foam craft sticks
  • Craft foam shapes or sheets of craft foam to cut your own shapes
  • White glue or glue dots
  • Optional - pompoms, wiggly eyes, glitter glue etc

You can use any shapes and designs that you like. Our sample bookmark is a flower but you can use footballs, dinosaurs, animals etc. When you are using your bookmark, only the craft foam stick goes between the pages so feel free to embellish the top portion of your bookmark with things like pompoms and wiggle eyes.

Craft foam bookmarks are so simple to make. All you do is glue the craft foam shapes to one end of the craft foam stick.

For our flower, we glued a craft foam flower shape to the end of a craft foam stick. We then glued a second flower shape in the center of the first flower and glued a 1/4" pompom to the center of the smaller flower shape. If you wanted to dress it up more, you could outline the flower shapes with glitter glue.

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