Heart Sachet

Heart Sachet_ Free instructions_Easy sewing project

This is a great - simple project for children to practice sewing.


                                 Materials: Two 5" squares of fabric
8" piece of thin ribbon; 1/4" - 1/8" wide
Needle & Thread
2 small safety pins


  1) Cut 2 hearts out of the fabric (refer to tips section on cutting out hearts)

2) With right sides together, pin the hearts so they donít move while you sew (refer to tips section on teaching children to sew).

3) Thread a needle and sew around the heart leaving an opening * for turning and filling. Knot and cut thread.

4) Right side out and fill with potpourri.

5) Sew opening closed.

6) Make a bow with the ribbon and glue or sew on.


*It is easiest to leave the opening for filling along one of the straight sides.

Variation - Make a larger heart and stuff with polyester fiberfill as a pillow.