Crossing Paths Cable Knitting Stitch

crossing paths cable knitting pattern

This cable stitch looks exactly as it is described, like paths that are crossing each other. Crossing Paths Cable would be a great accent on an afghan knit for a boy, especially if you knitted some cars on the afghan.

Skill level: Advanced

Panel of 10 sts on a background of reverse St st*.

Special Abbreviations:

T6L rib (Twist 6 Left rib) = slip next 4 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work, knit next 2 sts from left-hand needle, slip the 2 purl sts from cable needle back to left-hand needle and purl them, then knit 2 sts from cable needle.

1st row (right side): K2 [p2, k2] twice.
2nd row: P2 [k2, p2] twice
3rd row: T6L rib, p2, k2.
4th row: As 2nd row.
5th to 8th rows: Rep 1st and 2nd rows twice.
9th row: K2, p2, T6L rib.
10th row: As 2nd row.
11th and 12th rows: As 1st and 2nd rows.
Rep these 12 rows.

*To work a background of reverse stockinette stitch, in straight stitching, purl the first row, knit the second and repeat these two rows.

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