Pleat Pattern Knitting Stitch

how to knit using pleat pattern

Fun pattern to knit. It works up quickly and holds its' shape well. Looks much more complicated than it is. Stitches used are the basic knit and purl along with knit one below. If you are unfamiliar with K1B you can find some great instructional videos on YouTube.

K1B = Knit 1 below; Skill Level: Intermediate; 5 Stitch pattern repeat

Multiple of 5 + 1.
1st row (right side): K 1 B, *p 1, k2, p1, k1 B; rep from *.
2nd row: P1,*k1, p2, k1, p1; rep from*.
3rd row: K1 B, *p4 k1 B; rep from *.
4th row: P1, *k4,  p1; rep from* .
Rep these 4 rows.s

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