Sewing Hints, Tips and Projects

Regardless of whether you simply want to be able to sew on a button, make small repairs or sew complete garments, knowing how to sew is a very valuable skill. I have compiled a few of my favorite … [Read more...]

Tips for Hosting a Shower

Whether you are hosting a Baby Shower or a Wedding Shower it can be a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun.  Here is a suggestion to help the new couple or the new parents go home with a … [Read more...]

New Coloring Pages and Crafts!

It has been a very busy week here at Craft Elf!We added eight new hand drawn coloring pages including three Easter coloring pages. Check out all 103 coloring pages from Craft Elf.  More … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew – Sewing Definitions to Help You Get Started

When learning to sew it is very helpful to understand the language used in the sewing world. The definitions below will give you the knowledge to get started reading and understanding sewing patterns … [Read more...]

Help Kids be Successful Crafters

Children can become frustrated when they are crafting if they feel the project is too difficult.   Using the tips below you can help children to feel successful and nurture their love of … [Read more...]

Guide to Knowing Which Glue to Use When Crafting

Have you ever wondered which glue you should use? Craft Elf has compiled information on many of the glues commonly used in crafting. The guide below will help you in your decision on exactly which … [Read more...]

Hints and Tips to Make Crafting More Fun

Craft Elf has compiled a list of  Crafting Hints and Tips as well as Sewing Hints and Tips.A few of my favorite general hints and tips are :When you need a funnel- cut the top off a … [Read more...]

Category overview ~ Crafts How to Information

If you are new to Craft Elf you may not realize all that we have to offer. ¬†Craft Elf provides free how to crafting information along with crafting hints and tips. Our craft projects are broken down … [Read more...]

Welcome to Craft Elf ~ your one stop for craft how to information

Welcome to the Craft Elf blog!In 2006, my son David and I decided to combine his love of technology and my love of crafting. We came up with Craft Elf ~ a website filled with free craft projects and … [Read more...]