Bead Craft for Kids

Children are fascinated by beads and beads can provide hours of entertainment for them.

 Bead Craft for Kids

I would like to introduce you to a fun and different type of bead project available to kids and adults alike.  My sister, Grace, introduced this unique product to my children when they were young – “Perler Beads”.  They also go under the name of “Fuse Beads”. They are quite readily available in department and craft stores and come in two sizes, regular and jumbo.  Perler beads are plastic with a hole through the middle.  They are sold with plastic plates that have little spikes on them.  The plates come in different shapes.  You place the beads on the spikes that are on the plates.  Once you have placed a bead on each spike, you cover the beads with special paper that comes in the kit or with wax paper and hold a dry iron on top of the wax paper. The heat from the iron fuses the beads together.  Ironing should be done by an adult or for older children under close adult supervision. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific directions on fusing the beads. Once the beads cool down, peel the wax paper off the beads and remove them form the plastic plate.

 Bead Craft for Kids Bead Craft for Kids

Thread a piece of monofilament through the completed designs and use them as Christmas ornaments or hang them in the window.  Attach a magnet to the back of your design and use them on the fridge or glue them to popsicle sticks to make decorative plant stakes.

Yesterday afternoon we sat at the kitchen table to make a sample or two so you could see how the finished product looks. We had so much fun that several hours later we were still making Perler Beads. We stopped only for dinner and then got right back to our fun. My very special friend Josh, who is seven, was visiting and crafting with us and it was his first time using these beads. Within a very short time, he became and expert at making magnets and hanging decorations with the beads.  His mom was so in love with them that she is going out today to buy their own set of beads.

Below is a small sampling of some of the ones we made yesterday.

   Bead Craft for Kids
As you can see, you can make your designs as simple or as complicated as you like.
~Happy Crafting!

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