New Craft Projects from Craft Elf

The elves have been very busy lately.  You may have seen some of the recent projects we have been working so hard on but there are also many more which will be added to Craft Elf in the near … [Read more...]

Bead Craft for Kids

Children are fascinated by beads and beads can provide hours of entertainment for them.I would like to introduce you to a fun and different type of bead project available to kids and adults alike. … [Read more...]

More Crafting Hints & Tips

To me crafting is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes. A sense of accomplishment when successfully completing a project is a real source of pride. Successfully completing craft projects … [Read more...]

How to Make Custom Window Clings

Did you know that with special paints you can make your own custom window clings? Several different companies make the paints but the two that I have used are Liquid Rainbow paints by Deco Art and … [Read more...]

Guide to Knowing Which Glue to Use When Crafting

Have you ever wondered which glue you should use? Craft Elf has compiled information on many of the glues commonly used in crafting. The guide below will help you in your decision on exactly which … [Read more...]

Hints and Tips to Make Crafting More Fun

Craft Elf has compiled a list of  Crafting Hints and Tips as well as Sewing Hints and Tips.A few of my favorite general hints and tips are :When you need a funnel- cut the top off a … [Read more...]

Welcome to Craft Elf ~ your one stop for craft how to information

Welcome to the Craft Elf blog!In 2006, my son David and I decided to combine his love of technology and my love of crafting. We came up with Craft Elf ~ a website filled with free craft projects and … [Read more...]