Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and now is a great time to plan some craft activities for the kids.

 Craft Ideas for Valentines Day

If your child exchanges Valentines with friends, family or schoolmates, you should consider making one of our Heart Valentine Holders. All you need to make one is two pieces of construction paper, scissors and some tape.  Follow our simple paper folding instructions and then decorate the holder any way you like.

 Craft Ideas for Valentines Day

Several of our Valentine’s projects are made with craft foam hearts. Pick up a bucket of them at your local craft store and the kids can make many different projects for one low cost. Some of our projects that use these hearts are Beaded Heart Pin, Pot of Hearts, Heart Headband, Wreath of Hearts, and Valentine Magnets.  As you can see, some of the examples of the Valentine magnets include a fish, bird, dog and flower.  By purchasing craft foam hearts with sticky backs, you eliminate the need to glue the pieces together however, you will need glue to attach other embellishments.

 Craft Ideas for Valentines Day

Lollipop flowers are fun to make and are a great inexpensive Valentine to give out to friends and family.  Once Valentine’s Day is over, the recipient gets to eat the lollipop ~ Yum!

Visit Craft Elf for a complete list with color photos of all the Valentine’s Day craft projects available.

~Happy Crafting!

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