Hints and Tips to Make Crafting More Fun

Craft Elf has compiled a list of  Crafting Hints and Tips as well as Sewing Hints and Tips.

A few of my favorite general hints and tips are :

  • When you need a funnel- cut the top off a clean, empty water bottle or soda bottle to use as a funnel. If the cut edge is rough, cover it with tape such as duct tape, masking tape or painters tape.
  • When Cutting – turn the object you are cutting into the scissors whenever possible. Do not turn the scissors.
  • Pipe-cleaners should be cut using wire cutters – You can damage scissors if they are used to cut pipe-cleaners or any type of wire.
  • When making multiples of an item using a pattern – trace the pattern onto craft foam or cardboard as it will last much longer than a paper pattern and it is easier to trace around.
  • When tracing on black or another dark color – use white chalk or a white crayon so you can see the lines.
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  • When cutting Styrofoam with a plastic knife – run the knife across wax, such as an old candle, to make it easier to cut through the Styrofoam.
  • When painting Styrofoam – do not use regular spray paint. It will melt the Styrofoam. Craft stores sell spray paint specially designed for Styrofoam or you can paint it with any kid’s or acrylic/craft paint and a paint brush.
  • When painting – use old plastic lids to squeeze the paint out onto. Coffee can lids and Cool Whip lids work well.
  • To attach cording to a key ring – fold your piece of cording in half and put the fold (loop end) through the ring then pass the two loose ends through the fold and pull taught.
  • When checking a materials list – if you do not have a certain item on the list, look around the house and see if you have something else that will work. For example, when making a snowman that calls for an orange craft foam nose, if you don’t have craft foam, use a piece of felt or a piece of orange fabric or better yet, paint a cork orange and use it for the nose.
  • Look for additional tips in future Craft Elf blogs.
    Happy Crafting!

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