Kids Birthday Party Ideas ~ Party for a Little Girl

As a mother of four I have thrown my share of birthday parties over the years. The best parties we ever had were the parties we hosted at home. The key to a hosting a great kids birthday party is organization. Choose a theme, relate all elements of the party to that theme, plan everything ahead and most importantly be organized.

I will be sharing the details of some of our most loved birthday parties through a series of articles on this blog. Pick and choose the elements of my party ideas that you feel will work well for your child and the other guests and don’t hesitate to change any elements that don’t suit your particular child.

In this first article, I will share my all time favorite party for a young girl. I call it “Bring your Baby” because all the guest are asked to bring their favorite baby doll or stuffed animal. On the invitation we wrote “please bring your favorite baby doll or stuffed animal”.  This party is perfect for little girls age four to seven, however, young boys also enjoy parenting with their teddy bears.

Before the party: 
Clear the party area, in our case it was the living room, of all extra toys and bring in all the toys related to “playing house”.  For my daughter’s party, these items included her sink/stove, refrigerator, little table and chairs, cradle, stroller, play dishes etc.  We will call this the “house” area.  I collected unwanted pocketbooks, costume jewelry and infant onesies from relatives and friends. Then, bought play money, sample size baby powders (one for each guest), a package of premie diapers, and doll size diaper bags. I found the doll size diaper bags for two dollars each at a discount store but if you have trouble finding them at a reasonable price you might consider stitching up a little tote bag for each child to use as a diaper bag.  You can buy or collect many different items for the dolls such as baby spoons, bottles, pacifiers, cups and/or bowls. Disposable versions of many of these products are available in the baby department of your local discount store or you can donate your unneeded baby items  as long as they are clean and in good condition.

I put some play money into each pocketbook before the girls arrived and set the pocketbooks aside. In a separate room from where the main play area is I set up a store for the guest to go shopping.  I used the dinning room table for our store by removing all the chairs and placing all the items to be “sold”, such as the costume jewelry and baby items, neatly on the table.  A check out area was set up near the entrance to the dining room by placing a play cash register on a tray table.

As an added item for the store, I sewed an apron for each of the girls and they were thrilled to be able to take that home in addition to all their baby items and their new pocketbooks. You can find instructions on how to sew an apron by visiting Craft Elf.

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Let the Party Begin:
As the guests arrive let them choose a pocketbook. Let them know that there is play money in the pocketbook but they should leave it inside because they will need it later for something really fun.  After they receive their pocketbooks they should be directed to the “house area” where they can all play house together with their babies.

Once all the guest have arrived explain to the mommies that they are going to go shopping and they should get their pocketbooks and babies ready to go to the store. Each child should be allowed to buy one of each type of thing, such as one baby powder, one piece of costume jewelry etc. This way there will be enough items for all the guests.  If you have any baskets with handles available you could let the children use them to bring their purchase up to the register but as with any store they should leave the basket with the cashier. Depending on the number of guest you might want to bring only a few “mommies” to the store at a time.  The cashier should be played by an adult or older child. Once everyone has had a chance to visit the store and enjoy their newly purchase items for a little bit, you can move on to presents and cake and ice cream.

 Now it’s time to move on to a game. Have the girls line up around a table and undress their dolls. Give them each a premie diaper which they should lay flat on the table to the right of their doll. When you give the word they should put the baby’s diaper on and pick up the baby as quickly as possible. Whoever diapers the doll first is the winner.  It is a good idea to give a demonstration on how to put on a diaper before the game starts.

Another fun activity would be to teach everyone how to properly wrap a baby in a receiving blanket.

Side Notes and General Suggestions:
It is highly recommended that you label each of the items when they are given to or bought by the children so there is no confusion over what items belong to which guest. Masking tape is excellent for placing the child’s name inside of the pocketbook.  Other items can be marked using a sharpie or by using masking tape. The best time to do this is when the children are checking out from the “store” except the pocketbooks should be marked when they are given to the child.

Personally I think the children enjoy the party more, especially at a young age, if there are not too many guests.

I find it helpful to write an outline for myself to follow on the day of the party. This helps keep the party moving along and serves as a reminder so that you don’t forget anything.

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