New Coloring Pages and Crafts!

It has been a very busy week here at Craft Elf!

We added eight new hand drawn coloring pages including three Easter coloring pages. Check out all 103 coloring pages from Craft Elf.  More coloring pages are in the works so check back frequently to see what is new.

This week we created a bridal section in our party favor category. The first project, which is now available is a Fabric Sachet. They are so simple to make that beginning sewers will be able to successfully stitch them. Make one for each guest at your bridal shower or make just one to give Mom on Mother’s Day.

Some upcoming projects to look for in the coming days are Jelly Bean Carrots for Easter, Ice cream Clowns: and a Lottery Ticket Tree.  Further down the road we will be adding centerpieces for parties. It is so exciting and we have too many new ideas to list here so stay tuned for what is new at Craft Elf.

~Happy Crafting!

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