New Craft Projects from Craft Elf

The elves have been very busy lately.  You may have seen some of the recent projects we have been working so hard on but there are also many more which will be added to Craft Elf in the near future.  Recently we have added the following:

 New Craft Projects from Craft Elf
  • Baseball Fan Party Favor - The Baseball Fan Party Favor will be a fan favorite at a baseball themed party.  It is made with Peanuts, Cracker Jacks and a baseball.
  • Knit Glove Doll - Turn an ordinary knit glove into a lovable doll.
  • Crochet Cotton Dishcloth - Free crochet pattern to make a simple cotton dishcloth.
  • Graduation Napkin Ring - Made from craft foam and embroidery floss, these napkin rings are sure to add a festive touch to any graduation party.
  • Poinsettia Pin - These pins are so simple yet eloquent to make. They make great gifts or items to sell at your next craft fair.
  • T-shirt Pillow - Preserve your old t-shirts by making them into pillows. You don’t need to be an expert to stitch up some of these t-shirt pillows.
 New Craft Projects from Craft Elf
We have also added many new coloring pages over the last month or two and have fresh coloring pages ready to be added this week.
In addition to new coloring pages, keep a look out for the following projects which will be added over the next few weeks:
 New Craft Projects from Craft Elf
  • Fun Fur Flip-flops
  • Poinsettia Snowman Ornament
  • Pooh Goodie Bags
  • Wreath of Hands
  • Poinsettia Christmas Tree
  • Pom Pom Scarf
  • Present Centerpiece
  • Crochet Baby Sack
Our goal at Craft Elf is to continue adding fresh new projects to keep you coming back!  If you are looking for any special type of craft project feel free to suggest it to the elves. We do our best to create the projects our fellow crafters are looking for.

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