Party Games for All Ages

With the unofficial start of summer this weekend, many families will be attending barbecues. Instead of just eating and sitting around try some party games. They are a lot of fun and will leave your guests raving about your party.  Below are four of my favorite games Pass the Prize Ball, Birdseed Race,  Guess the Candy and Water Relay. Read on to find out how to play.

Pass the Prize Ball – Everyone in this game is a winner which makes it a great game for kids however, adults love this game too.  If you want to play with both adults and kids consider making two different prize balls with age appropriate prizes. 
  • The object is to be the one holding the prize ball when the music stops.  
  • What you need is music that you can turn on and off (such as a cd player with a cd), one prize (not too big in size) for each guest playing the game and aluminum foil.  One prize should be slightly better than the rest but still not too big.  
  • Prepare for the game by taking the best prize and wrapping it in foil. Place a second prize up against the first foil covered prize and cover the whole thing with foil.  Continue adding a prize and covering it with foil until you have a big ball of foil with a prize under each layer.  
  • To play, have the guests sit in a circle on the floor.  Hand the ball to one player and when the music starts the players start passing the ball of foil quickly around the circle. You will need one person who is not playing the game to start and stop the music.  When the music stops, the player holding the foil ball carefully un- wraps the outermost layer of foil and they keep the prize they uncovered. Once a player has received a prize they leave the circle and the game continues without them. After each round one more player is eliminated. When it gets down to the last two players, the one holding the foil ball when the music ends unwraps their prize and then the final player gets to unwrap what is left. Saving the best prize for last will give the last player to receive a prize a real winning feeling.
Birdseed Race – This game is played in teams and is best played outside.  If you spill any birdseed, don’t worry the birds will gladly clean it up when you are done.  
  • The object is to be the team with the most birdseed in their bowl when time runs out.  
  • What you need for this game is bird seed, wooden spoons, bowls, a measuring cup and a watch or timer.  
  • Prepare for the game by first deciding how many teams you will have.  If you are having 4 teams you need 8 bowls.  Place four of the bowls in a line two to three feet apart from one another.  Directly across from each empty bowl, place a bowl of birdseed. The distance you place between the bowls is up to you and depends on the age of the participants and the size of your yard.  We generally place the bowls approximately ten feet apart. 
  • To play, have each team line up behind the bowl of birdseed for their team. Give the first person in line on each team a wooden spoon.  The wooden spoon should be held in one hand and their other hand should be placed behind their back.  When you give the word for the teams to start, one person who is not playing should act as the time keeper and call time once two minutes have passed.  The first person on each team should scoop up birdseed with the wooden spoon. They then race across and dump the birdseed into the empty bowl across from them, run back and hand the spoon off to the next player on their team. The second player scoops up birdseed and races across to put it in their bowl just as the first player did.  Play continues until time up is called. No more birdseed can be placed in the bowls after time is called.  To determine the winning team, use a measuring cup to see which team collected the most birdseed.
Guess the Candy - 
  • The object of this game is to have all guests try to guess how many pieces of candy are in the candy jar. Whoever guesses closest without going over wins the jar of candy.   
  • What you need to play this game is a see through jar and small candies such as jelly beans, M&Ms or Skittles.   You will also need slips of paper and something to write with such as a pen or pencil and a clean empty coffee can.  
  • Prepare for the game by, filling the jar to the top with the candy counting it as you fill it.  Cap the jar.  Write down how many pieces of candy are in the jar and put it away where no one will see it.  If you want to get fancy you can decorate the jar with paint pens, tie a bow around the top of the jar or decorate it some other way.  You can also decorate the coffee can by cutting a piece of paper that will fit around the outside of the can. Decorate the paper with markers or use decorative paper. Tape the paper around the can and cut a slit in the lid of the can.  Cut a piece of paper into pieces large enough to write a name and number on.
  • To play, have each guest write down their name and their guess as to how many pieces of candy are in the jar.  After writing out their guess, it should be placed in the slit in the top of the coffee can. Once all guesses are in, take the lid off the can and see whose guess is closest without going over the total number of candies in the jar. The one who guesses closest without going over is awarded the jar of candy to take home.
Water Relay – Plan on getting wet when you play this game.  It is great family fun and the perfect game for a family reunion.  
  • The object of this game is to be the team with the most water in your soda bottle at the end of two minutes.
  • What you need to play is a big tub of water, 5 oz cups, empty 2 liter soda bottles, a watch or timer and chairs.  
  • Prepare for the game by first deciding on how many teams you will have. You will need one chair, soda bottle and cup for each team. Place the chairs in a row facing the bucket of water with enough room between each chair for a person to easily walk past it.  
  • To play, choose one person from each team to sit in the chair and hold the soda bottle.  The bottle must be held between their knees but they can use their hands to help hold the bottle.  All other players on each team line up behind their team’s chair and the first person in each line is given a 5oz cup.  Once the time is started the race will continue until 2 minutes are up.  When the timekeeper gives the word, the first person in line behind each chair races over to the tub of water, fills their cup, runs back and pours the water into their team’s soda bottle. (The person holding the bottle is not allowed to help pour the water.) They then hand off the cup to the next person in line and go to the back of the line. The second person runs over, scoops water, and pours it into the soda bottle and passes off the cup to the next player. Play continues in this manner until time is called. The team with the most water in their soda bottle when time is called is the winning team.
Spending quality time with family and friends is a great way to strengthen relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Look for future blog posts with more great party game ideas.

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