Party Games for All Ages ~ Part 2

With the Fourth of July only a few days away, many families are planning cookouts and parties to celebrate! Add some excitement and fun to your celebration by playing games at your 4th of July party. Below are three additional party games: Musical Pictures, Pick a Pop and Beach Ball Toss. 

 Musical Pictures
  • ·     The object of this game is to be the one standing on a particular picture when the music stops.  
  • ·     What you need to play is music that you can turn on and off (such as a cd player with a cd), pictures, construction paper, index cards, a glue stick and prizes. 
  • ·     To set the game up, you will need one picture for each player*. You can print the pictures off line, draw them yourself or cut them out of a magazine. Try to get pictures that go with the theme of your party. For example a 4th of July party would have pictures such as fireworks, an American flag, and the Statue of Liberty where as a Sesame Street party would have pictures of Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and the other characters from the show. Using a glue stick, glue each picture to a piece of construction paper or cardstock.  Write a word on the construction paper above or below the picture that describes the picture (such as “flag”) and write the same word or words on a separate index card. When you are done you will have a pile of index cards and a pile of picture cards. Place the picture cards on the ground face up in a circle.
  • ·     To play, have the guests stand in a circle on the outside of the pictures. When the music starts the players march or dance around in a circle just outside the pictures. They should not be dancing or marching on top of the pictures as this poses a slip and fall hazard. When the music stops, each player stands on the picture closest to them. If that picture is already occupied they should move to the closest unoccupied picture. Wait for all players to be on a picture then shuffle the index cards and pull one out and call out the description. If the card says “flag”, whoever is standing on the picture of the flag wins a prize. To play again, just restart the music and continue playing.

*If playing with a large group, you can have two people stop on each picture when the music stops and both players will win a prize if their picture is called.
Optional: Once a player wins a prize have them sit out until all players have had a chance to win.

 Pick a pop
  • ·     The object of this game is to pick the pop that has a black dot on the bottom of the stick.  There are no losers in this game because everyone who plays wins a lollipop but a lucky few will win an additional prize.
  • ·     What you need for this game are lollipops (one for each player), a basket or box, piece of Styrofoam large enough to fit in the bottom of the basket/box and fake grass or shredded tissue paper, a permanent black marker and a prize or prizes. 
  • ·     To set the game up, place a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of a box or basket. If using a box, consider wrapping the box in foil or wrapping paper before adding the Styrofoam to dress it up a bit. Cover the Styrofoam with either fake grass or shredded tissue paper.  Make a black dot on the bottom of one or more but not all of the lollipop sticks. If you have a large crowd you may want to have several pops with prizes but you should limit the number of prize winning lollipops to not more than 15%. Stick the lollipops through the fake grass and into the Styrofoam. Make sure you have one lollipop for each person who will play the game and one prize for each pop that has a dot on it. 
  • ·     To play, place the basket/box of lollipops on a table and have the guests line up. One at a time they come up and pick a lollipop. If the pop has a dot on the end of the stick reward the player with a prize in addition to letting them keep their pop.  If there is no dot on the bottom of their pop, the player keeps the lollipop and it is the next players turn.

Beach Ball toss
  • ·     The object of this game is to be the player who can successfully throw the beach ball into a basket from the furthest distance.  
  • ·     What you need to play this game is a beach ball, a laundry basket and something to mark the ground such as masking tape. 
  • ·     Prepare for the game by, inflating the beach ball and making a line on the ground with a piece of masking tape.  If playing outside on a driveway or patio you could use sidewalk chalk to draw a line if you prefer.  Place the basket across from the line. The distance you place the basket from the line will depend on the age of the players. For young players start with the basket fairly close to the line.* 
  • ·     To play, have all players stand in a line behind the line you made on the ground.  The first player in line tries to throw the beach ball into the basket while standing behind the line on the ground. If they get the ball in the basket, they go the back of the line. If they miss they sit out for the rest of the game and cheer on their friends. After each player has had one turn trying to throw the ball into the basket the basket is moved back a little further and all players that are still in the game try again. Continue moving the basket back a little further at the end of each round until there is only one player left in the game. That player is the winner.

*It is a good idea to start with the basket too close rather than too far. It is better for all players to get the ball in once or twice before it starts getting hard and players start getting eliminated.

 If you missed our last blog post, go back and check it out for four of my favorite games Pass the Prize Ball, Birdseed Race,  Guess the Candy and Water Relay and be prepared to have the best party you have ever had.  Even if you are not hosting the party, ask the host if they mind if you bring along a game or two for the guests to enjoy! 

Now go out and make some memories and have fun!

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