Sewing Hints, Tips and Projects

Regardless of whether you simply want to be able to sew on a button, make small repairs or sew complete garments, knowing how to sew is a very valuable skill. I have compiled a few of my favorite sewing tips to share with you.

When turning a fabric tube right side out – attach a safety pin to one end of the tube and close the pin. Insert the pin into the tube and push the pin through to the other side. The fabric will follow and your tube will now be right side out.

When teaching children to hand sew – I find it helpful to use safety pins and place them all on the same side. This way as you instruct the children in sewing, if they always keep the pins facing the ceiling, the piece won’t get all twisted and the thread won’t get knotted as often.

When hand sewing – if the thread becomes twisted just drop the needle while holding onto what you are sewing and it will unwind itself.

When kids want to learn to sew with a needle and thread – Felt is the perfect fabric to start with as the edges don’t fray and the needle glides through easily.

When threading ribbon or elastic thru a casing – attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic or ribbon and push the pin thru the casing. Be sure to close the safety pin. The pin will be much easier to push through the casing than the ribbon or elastic alone.

When sewing with a sewing machine – to make a knot, take 3 – 4 forward stitches then go backward 3 – 4 stitches and start stitching forward again. This will secure your thread so it doesn’t come undone

Kids can easily stitch up little friends from felt. Trace any simple shape onto felt. You will need two identical shapes. Pin them together with safety pins. Stitch around the edge of the shape leaving a 3″ opening. Fill the opening with Polyester Fiberfil (stuffing) then sew the opening closed. You can draw on a face with fabric paint or a permanent marker.

When children are learning to sew it can sometime be difficult for them to know how closely to make the stitches. Craft Elf has designed some “Learn to Sew” projects in which you cut out the shape and make holes around the edges for the child ahead of time. With Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July all just around the corner you may want to try this Patriotic Star Pillow.

 Sewing Hints, Tips and Projects

Our other learn to sew projects include a Ghost; Gingerbread Man and Snowman. They each come with a full size pattern and complete sewing instructions. Craft Elf offers a variety of other sewing projects for both beginner and advanced sewers. Stop by today ad choose a project or two to stitch up.

~ Happy Crafting ~

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