Tips for Hosting a Shower

Whether you are hosting a Baby Shower or a Wedding Shower it can be a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun.  Here is a suggestion to help the new couple or the new parents go home with a little something extra.

When sending out the invitations, include a request for the guests to bring a little something extra for the guest(s) of honor. You can simply write the request directly on the invitation or include a little poem asking for the extra item.  Some ideas of extra items to request are:

Baby shower ~

  • A jar of baby food – if each guest brings just one jar of baby food the cupboard will be full when baby starts to eat.
  • An item to be used to assist baby in eating such as a spoon, cup, bowl or bib
  • A health care item such as powder, diaper ointment, shampoo, nail clippers, cotton balls etc.
Wedding shower ~
  • For a couple who is just starting out, non perishable food items
  • A jar of spices or seasoning – “to help spice up the marriage”
  • You can include a blank recipe card with the invitation and ask the guests to write their favorite recipe on it and bring it to the shower. The card could include a line such as “From the Kitchen of______________________” so that the bride and groom will know where each recipe came from.
  • Each guest could bring a kitchen utensil/gadget such as spatulas, serving spoons, measuring spoon & cups and other kitchen gadgets such as vegetable peeler, apple corer etc. 
  • Another great choice would be cleaning supplies.
You should set up a spot for these special items to be placed as guest arrive. You could place a laundry or other basket on or near the gift table with a sign directing guest to place the item there. Recipes could be placed directly in a recipe box. Kitchen utensils and gadgets could be collected in a large pot.
If you have a large number of guest, you could split the requests between the bride’s side and the groom’s side so that half the guests bring kitchen utensils and the other half brings cleaning supplies or whatever you choose.
Enjoy the shower and 
~Happy Crafting

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