Welcome to Craft Elf ~ your one stop for craft how to information

Welcome to the Craft Elf blog!

In 2006, my son David and I decided to combine his love of technology and my love of crafting. We came up with Craft Elf ~ a website filled with free craft projects and instructions. We are constantly working to increase the number of projects and the amount of crafting information on Craft Elf.
The Craft Elf blog will help keep all of our followers informed on what is new and upcoming.
When Craft Elf first hit the internet we had a few free craft projects for fellow crafters to choose from. Today we have 246 different project which appear in a total of eighteen different categories along with 95 hand draw coloring pages to print and color. Each craft project contains complete how to info along with color photos. In addition to the craft projects and coloring pages Craft Elf provides a Crafting Hints & Tips section, Sewing Information & Tips; Gadget Corner and a list of suggested craft supplies to have on hand. Gadget Corner showcases some useful tools for crafting and sewing. Many of our crafts are easy for kids to complete but we do also have a section of crafts devoted to more experienced crafters.
Whether you like to craft, sew, knit or crochet, you are sure to find the projects on Craft Elf fun and exciting! We work with a variety of mediums such as craft foam, felt, pipe-cleaners, ribbons, Styrofoam, yarn, pompoms, popsicle sticks, recycled materials and glitter just to name a few.
Stop by Craft Elf and choose a few craft projects to get started on. Check back at the Craft Elf Blog for updates on what is new and upcoming!
Happy Crafting!
~Barbara Norcia
The Craft Elf

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