Craft a basket from plastic canvas to hold the napkins at your 4th of July B-B-Q.  Change the color to make a napkin holder for any holiday or for everyday use.

Great for buffets and outdoor picnics/barbeques.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 1 sheet plastic canvas; White
  • Plastic Lacing*, red, white & blue

*The lacing we used has red, white and blue all running through one piece of lacing.  If you cannot find this lacing, use solid red to lace the corners and a solid blue to whip stitch around the top edge.

Craft Instructions

Hint: Cut the end of your plastic lacing at an angle.  This will make it easier to thread through the plastic canvas.

  1. Cut a square from plastic canvas that has 68 squares on each side.
  2. On each corner, cut out a square that is 16 squares on each side.
  3. Cut four pieces of lacing that are each 22" long.
  4. Lace up one of the corners as if you are lacing a shoe.  Start at what will be the bottom of the basket and work your way to the top.  Tie the lacing in a knot. Leave the excess attached as we will curl this later.
  5. Repeat step 4 with the other three corners.
  6. Using the plastic lacing, whip stitch around the top of the basket.  Tie the beginning and ending pieces of this lacing in a knot on the inside of the basket so it doesn't show.
  7. Curl the ends of the lacing one at a time by wrapping the lacing around a pencil.  Tape in place with masking tape.  Boil some water and pour into a mug.  Dip the pencil into the mug.  Keep it there for about 5 seconds then run it under cold water or dip it in a cup of cold water.  Remove the masking tape and slide the pencil out.  Repeat to curl the other seven ends.
  8. Place beverage size napkins in the basket.

Larger Napkin Holder - One that will fit standard size napkins:

  1. Cut one square from plastic canvas that has 46 little squares on each side.
  2. Cut 4 rectangles from plastic canvas that are 46 squares by 17 squares.
  3. Attach one long side of each rectangle to one of the sides of the square using a whip stitch.
  4. Lace up the corners and complete the basket as you did in steps 4 through 7 of the basic directions.

This larger size napkin holder takes two sheets of plastic canvas to complete.

Printable Instructions

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