Printing Help

To get your instructions to print properly, especially when printing ones with patterns, there are a few simple things you should do:

  • Minimize your margins by going into Page Setup and set the left and right margins to 0.25.  This is really only necessary when printing instructions that come with patterns as some of the patterns take up almost the whole page.
  • Be sure the header and footer are shut off - to do this go into Page Setup and delete whatever is in the header and footer boxes.
  • Very important when printing patterns - Be sure your printing is set to print at 100% or original size.  You can do this one of two ways - Click print, click preferences, click effects...under resizing options be sure it is set to 100% of normal size and check off minimize margins OR Go to print preview then at the top toward the right of the screen, there is a box that will have either a percentage or "Shrink to fit" - be sure this is set to 100%.

This should solve any problems you may have encountered while printing our instructions and patterns.