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About Craft Elf

February 2007
I am a stay-at-home mother of four and a craft-oholic. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. My mother tells the story of the ugly little animals I used to sew from scraps of material friends and neighbors gave me.

I have come a long way since then. When my oldest son, now a high school senior, was in kindergarten, I started bringing craft projects into his class to make with the students. Watching the children experience crafting, many for the first time, brought me great joy. Over the next decade, I went into each of my children's classes once a month with various craft projects. I encouraged the children to do their best and be creative. I also assured them that it is ok if a project does not come out exactly the same as the instructor's. That is what makes hand made items so unique and wonderful.

Needless to say I have built up quite a library of crafting instructions. Some are originals, some too old to know where they originally came from and others that sadly are copyrighted and are not available for me to share. I hope, as you surf through my web-site, you find some things you would like to make. I am continually adding new items to my web-site so please visit us often.

Now, let me give some credit to my son, David. If it were not for his technical knowledge and encouragement, I would never have been able to make Craft Elf a reality. Thank you David!

My daughter, Christina, has also lent an important hand to the success of Craft Elf. Chrissy has hand drawn all the coloring pages. She has also made the clay holiday icons that you will find on the Holiday Crafts page.

My husband David Sr. and sons, Michael and Anthony, have also given me much support and encouragement.

Earlier this year, I met up with some high school seniors who told me they still have all of the projects we made together in elementary school. What a wonderful feeling to know that the time I spent with them years ago was still fondly remembered by them today.

Go ahead, pick out a few projects and start crafting some memories of your own.


The Craft Elf    


September 2007

I would like to make a couple of additional acknowledgements.

First of all, my sister Kathy has been a great inspiration not just with my website but throughout the years.  Whenever I was coming up with a new project and needed an idea or help working out the details, Kathy was always there with advice and/or solutions.  She has collaborated on many of the projects you will find on this site and I thank her for every bit of help she has given me.  Also, Kathy's enthusiasm for crafting always gets my creative juices flowing.  You know the saying, two heads are better than one.

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge a good friend of ours who has recently started contributing to Craft Elf.  Brian, a recent high school graduate and new college student, has drawn some of our newest coloring pages.  He is a talented young man and I'm sure you will enjoy the pictures he has hand drawn for Craft Elf.  Thank you Brian