You can make many things out of Paper Mache including many types of ornaments. Our sample shows how to make a star ornament but this technique can be used to make ornaments in many shapes. Use your imagination . . . . be creative . . . . have FUN!

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Instant Paper Mache product such as Celluclay
  • Water
  • Cookie cutter - star or other shapes
  • Bowl and spoon (to mix Paper Mache)
  • Plastic wrap or plastic bag
  • Acrylic paint - yellow and black for star
  • Paint brush
  • Paper clip or large pin

Craft Instructions

  1. Cover your work surface with either plastic wrap or a plastic bag.
  2. Mix Paper Mache according to the manufacturer's directions.
  3. Place a cookie cutter flat on your work surface (which should be covered with plastic wrap or a plastic bag)
  4. Fill the cookie cutter with prepared Paper Mache product.  Use your finger to make the Paper Mache somewhat level with the top of the cookie cutter.  It may be helpful to wet your fingers when doing this. 
  5. Open up a paperclip or use a large pin to make a hole for your hanger by inserting the paperclip/pin near the top of your star and wiggling the paperclip/pin until the hole is big enough for a piece of string or an ornament hook.
  6. Remove the cookie cutter and let dry completely.  Depending on the humidity level, this may take several hours to several days.  If your cookie cutter sticks to the Paper Mache when removing it, try putting a thin coating of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the cookie cutter before filling it with the Paper Mache product.
  7. Paint the star with one or two coats of yellow paint.  Let dry completely.
  8. Using black paint and a liner paint brush, paint dashed lines around the face of the star.  Then, paint a mouth and eyes. When painting a face on your star, be sure the hole is at the top of the star.  Let dry completely.
  9. Either thread an 8" piece of elastic thread, yarn or monofilament through the hole you made in your star and tie it in an overhand knot.  You could also use an ornament hook instead of thread to hang your ornament.

Now try making ornaments with a variety of cookie cutters.

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