Easy kids craft. This Christmas craft made from recycled materials is fun for kids and grownups alike.  Anyone who can tie a knot can make this Hat Christmas Ornament. It is a great craft for using up leftover yarn.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn*
  • Recycled cardboard tube (from paper towels or toilet tissue)
  • 10" piece monofilament or elastic thread

*Great project for using up small amounts of leftover yarn! Make hats in a variety of colors to decorate your Christmas tree.

Craft Instructions

  1. Cut a 3/4" ring from a cardboard tube.  An easy way to do this is - flatten the tube. Make two marks 3/4" from one end. Cut across the tube going directly through the two marks.  Then, squeeze the ring back into shape.
  2. Cut approximately forty 14" strands of yarn.
  3. Fold one strand of yarn in half.  Pass the folded end through the center of the cardboard ring then pass the loose ends through the fold.  Pull taught.  Refer to the diagram below.
  4. Continue adding strands of yarn as you did in step 3 until the cardboard ring is completely covered.  As you add more strands of yarn, push them close together but don't overlap the strands.
  5. Take all of the loose ends of yarn and pass them through the center of the cardboard ring and out the other side.
  6. Gather all the strands together and tie them with a 10" piece of yarn approximately 1 1/2" above the cardboard ring.
  7. Neatly trim the long pieces of yarn, above where you tied them, so they resemble a pompom.
  8. Using a needle, attach a piece of monofilament or elastic thread to the hat where you tied the top together.  Pull the ends of the monofilament even and tie in an overhand knot.  This is the hanger for your ornament.
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