What a great decoration  to make for your kitchen this spring.  This bunny is simply made from a kitchen towel and washcloths.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 1 Kitchen towel (approximately 25" x 15")
  • 2 Wash cloths (approximately 12" square)
  • Crochet thread
  • Three 9" pieces of thin ribbon
  • 1" plastic o-ring
  • Small sprig of flowers
  • Sewing needle

Craft Instructions

  1. Unfold the towel and lay it flat on the table - right side down. Now, fold the towel in thirds - lengthwise. (The folded towel will measure approximately 25" long x 5" wide.)
  2. Fold one of the short ends of the towel toward the other short end but stop about 3" before you get to the other end. The side of the towel that is shorter will be the back of your bunny. Set aside for a moment.
  3. Take one of the wash cloths to make the ears. Lay the wash cloth on the table - right side down. Fold two corners (ones that are opposite each other) in until they meet in the center of the wash cloth. Then, on each side that your folded in, roll until you get to the center. Hold washcloth so it does not un-roll and place it inside the last fold you made in the towel.
  4. Fold the ends of the wash cloth up so they meet each other scrunching the towel as you do this and using 3 strands of crochet thread - tightly tie the wash cloth as close to the towel fold as possible then let go of the ends of the face cloth and the ends will flap down forming the bunny ears.
  5. Approximately 3" down from the ears, tie 3 strands of crochet thread tightly around the towel forming the head. Set towel aside again.
  6. Take the other wash cloth to make the bunny's arms. Lay the wash cloth right side down on the table. Fold two sides that are opposite each other in until they meet in the middle. Then, starting from each of the folds, roll the wash cloth tightly until both sides meet in the middle of the washcloth.
  7. Tie 3 strands of crochet thread tightly around the wash cloth approximately 1" from each end - this forms the hands.
  8. Now, place the arms in between the 2 layers of towel just below where you tied off the head (If you are working from the front of the bunny - once you place the arms in place - you should be looking at the arms so that you see the rolls) and push them up as close to the neck as you can.
  9. Using 3 strands of crochet thread, tie the towel tightly just below where you put the arms in.
  10. With one of the pieces of ribbon, tie it over the crochet thread at the waist being sure to knot the ribbon in the back of the bunny.
  11. Bring the hands in to meet each other just below the bunny's waist and sew the hands to the towel. You only need 3 or 4 stitches for each hand.
  12. Tie a piece of ribbon in a bow over each of the wrists (where you tied them with crochet thread).
  13. On the back of the bunny's head, sew on an o-ring for hanging.
  14. Tuck the end of a small sprig of flowers under the ribbon that is tied around the bunny's waist.

Printable Instructions

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