Christmas ornament craft idea -

Use your scrap fabric to make a simple Christmas ornament. Easy kids craft.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 2" Styrofoam ball
  • Fabric; approximately 1/6 yard *
  • Pinking shears or rotary cutter with pinking blade and self healing mat
  • 12" piece of thin ribbon
  • One common pin
  • Pencil
  • White glue like Elmer's or tacky glue

*  The amount of fabric needed will depend on how close together the squares are placed.  The fabric I used came pre-cut at our local recycling center but this project is a great way to use up left over fabric you have.  Try  experimenting with print fabrics for a completely unique ornament.

Craft Instructions

  1. Cut fabric into 1 1/4" squares using pinking shears or a rotary cutter with a pinking blade attached.  Whenever using a rotary cutter, be sure to protect your work surface with a self healing mat.
  2. Fold your ribbon in half and knot the two ends together in an overhand knot.
  3. Stick the common pin through the center (opposite the knot) of your ribbon.  Dip the end of the pin into glue then stick it into the Styrofoam ball.  This will be your hanger.
  4. Using the tip of a pencil, poke the center of one of the fabric squares into the Styrofoam ball.  Repeat this process placing the squares close together until the entire ball is covered with fabric squares.
Poke squares of fabric into a Styrofoam ball to make a Christmas ornament Use a pencil to poke scrap fabric into a Styrofoam ball to make an easy kids Christmas craft.


Printable Instructions

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