When you make a crackle candle, there is a taper candle in the center of the glass container with various air pockets or spaces in the outer layer of the candle.  When lit, the candle glows beautifully through these spaces.

Definition:  Taper - slender candle

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Wax
  • Double boiler
  • Glass container*
  • 1 Taper candle
  • Ice cubes

*You don't want to use any glass that is very thin as the heat of the wax can crack it.  I have successfully used mason jars (canning jars) with their lids removed and brandy glasses which were fairly thick.

When lit your crackle candle will glow.

Craft Instructions

  1.  Melt the wax in a double boiler.
  2. Place your taper candle in the center of your glass container and surround it with ice.  If using a small container like the one pictured, you need to partially crush the ice but don't make the pieces too small.  The candle should be approximately the same height or slightly taller.  If it is too tall, simply cut some off the bottom of the candle with a steak knife.  It is best if you have a taper that is the same color as the rest of your wax but if you can't get a specific color try something neutral such as white.
  3. Carefully pour the melted wax into the container right over the ice cubes.  Before pouring the wax, be sure the taper is centered in the container.  The ice should keep it in place.  Be careful, the wax is extremely hot and will burn you if it gets on you.
  4. As the wax cools and hardens the ice will melt.  Once the candle is completely cool and the wax has hardened, pour the water from the melted ice cubes out. Your candle is now ready to use.


  • The smaller version you see pictured makes a great wedding or bridal shower favor.   The brandy glass I used is approximately 4" high.
  • Tie a ribbon around the base of the candle holder but only if it is well away from the flame.
  • The amount of wax you need depends on the size of the container you are using.  If you place the un-melted wax in your container before you start and it fills the jar you have more than enough wax.
  • Whenever you melt wax on the stove, it is a good idea to keep a box of baking soda on hand.  In the unlikely event that the wax gets too hot and catches fire, sprinkle the baking soda on it to extinguish.

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