Spring into the Easter season with this fun and easy Easter Wreath made of yarn.  Easy craft project for older children.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Wire coat hanger
  • 5" Bunny
  • 9oz worsted weight yarn
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 4 yards 2 1/2" wide ribbon
  • Little eggs or other embellishments

how to make a wreath frame from coathanger

Craft Instructions

  1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle then bend the hook into a loop as pictured. 

  2. Next, make some yarn bundles by wrapping yarn around 3 of your fingers 30 times.  Cut the skein of yarn off the bundle.  Slide the bundle off your fingers.  Tie a 12" piece of yarn securely around the center of the bundle*.  Keep the two long strings attached.
  3. Our wrath used 80 yarn bundles but this will vary depending on the size of your coat hanger and how full you make  your wreath.

  4. Securely tie each bundle to the coat hanger with the two long strings then cut the extra off after it is tied.
  5. Slide the bundles close together.  Continue making and attaching the yarn bundles until your wreath is good and full.
  6. Make a bow with your ribbon and hot glue it to your wreath as pictured.
  7. Using hot glue, attach the bunny inside the wreath and glue on your other embellishments.
  8. Use the loop at the top of the coat hanger to hang up your wreath.

Hint: I wrapped several bundles and laid them on the counter then tied them all at once.  It saves time to prepare 10 - 20 bundles before tying them on to the wreath.

* To get a good tight knot, when you wrap the yarn around tuck it under two times before pulling tight and completing the knot.

Printable Instructions

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