Jelly Bean Carrots are easy to craft and make a great Easter gift!

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Orange jelly beans
  • Disposable decorating bag*
  • Green tissue paper; 5" x 8"
  • Raffia or ribbon

*The sample is made using Wilton 12" decorating (frosting) bag and about a half pound of small jelly beans.

Craft Instructions

  • Fill a frosting bag 1/2 to 2/3 full with orange jelly beans.
  • Leaving about 1 1/2" above the filled portion, cut off any excess bag.
  • Cut a 5" x 8" piece of green tissue paper.
  • On the long side of the tissue paper, cut slits that are about 3/4" apart and 4 1/2" long. Do not cut all the way through. Leave a half inch or so on the opposite end of where you are cutting.
  • Gather the tissue paper and insert it into the top of the bag. Then, tie the the bag closed with two 18" pieces of raffia or one 16" piece of thin ribbon.  When tying the bag closed be sure that the tissue paper is tucked in far enough that it won't fall out.

Printable Instructions

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