Make hat ornaments for your Christmas tree with our simple crochet pattern. This is an inexpensive way to decorate your tree. Our hat ornaments also make great package tie-ons or make a set of them to give as a gift.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Baby yarn
  • Size D crochet hook (3 1/4 mm)
  • Yarn needle

Craft Instructions

Chain 21 stitches.

Row1: sc in each chain (total 20 sc); ch 1 turn

Row 2: sc in top loop only of first 16 sc, ch 1 turn

Row 3: sc in top loop only of each sc, ch 1 turn

Row 4: sc in top loop only of each of the 16 sc plus 1 sc (in top loop only) of the extra 4 sc from row 2, ch 1 turn

Row 5: sc in top loop only of each sc, ch1 turn

Repeat rows 2 through 5 five times for a total of 25 rows.

To complete the hat sl st to join your last row of crochet to the chain row.  Knot the yarn off and leave a 12" tail.  Thread this piece of yarn onto a yarn needle and run a gathering stitch through the top of your hat.  Pull to gather the top together.  Knot off then make a hanging loop with the extra yarn.

To make a pompom for your ornament, wrap yarn around three fingers 70 times.  Slide the wrapped yarn off your fingers.  Tie and knot a 12" piece of yarn securely around the center of the wrapped yarn.  Cut the looped ends but be careful not to cut the yarn you used to tie the center.  Trim the ends of the yarn until  you have a nice neat pompom. 

Using a yarn needle, attach the pompom to the top of the hat.  To do this, thread one of the long pieces of yarn through the yarn needle and bring the needle from the outside of the hat (at the top) to the inside of the hat.  Repeat this with the second piece of yarn.  Knot the two ends securely to each other. Bring the two ends back to the top of the outside of the hat. Tie the ends in an overhand knot. This will be the hanger for your ornament.

Cuff up the bottom of the hat and it is ready to hang on the Christmas tree or attach to a package.

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