Kids will love making this Easter bunny craft from craft foam and hanging it on the frig.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 1 Sheet white craft foam
  • Two 20mm googly eyes
  • Magnet; 1 1/2" x 1" (or two smaller pieces)
  • Markers, pink and black
  • Tacky glue or hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Pink pompom, 1"
  • Black button thread
  • Thin Ribbon
  • Pad of Pot-it notes

When you run out of paper on your completed project, simply glue a new Post-it pad onto the bunny's belly.

Craft Instructions

  1. Using the pattern provided on the printable page, trace and cut out one body/head piece, two arms, two ears and two feet.
  2. On one side of each ear, color the center pink and outline it with black marker.
  3. Glue the bottom edge of the ears to the back of the bunny's head (near the top).  Be sure the side you colored is facing the front of the bunny.
  4. Fold over the top of one of the ears and glue in place as pictured.  If you are using tacky glue, it may be helpful to use a clothespin to hold it in place until the glue dries.
  5. Glue the pad of Post-its to the bunny's belly leaving enough room on either side for an arm and leaving room underneath for the feet.
  6. Glue the arms and feet on as pictured.
  7. Cut several strands of button thread 4 1/2" long.  Holding them as one strand, tie a knot in the center to hold all the strands together.  Glue the knot to the center of the bunny's face.  Then, glue a pink pompom on top of the knot.
  8. Glue the googly eyes above the nose/whiskers.  Draw eyebrows and a mouth with a black marker.
  9. Glue a bow in the neck are and attach the magnets to the back of the bunny. 

Once everything is dry, hang your bunny on the refrigerator or any other metal surface.

Printable Instructions & Pattern

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