Made from nylon loops and beads, this lanyard is not only fun to make but useful too!  Attach your keys or identification card so you always have them close at hand.

For step by step photos, click on the printable page.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 1 Lobster clip
  • Nylon loops *
  • Beads with large holes

* The nylon loops I used are the type that are sold with kids potholder making kits.  You could also cut loops from ladies nylon stockings (pantyhose) by cutting across the leg of the stockings every 1/2" or so.

Craft Instructions

  1. Push one of the loops through the end of the hook and fold the loop in half.
  2. Pass a second loop through the two ends of the first loop and fold it in half making the ends even.
  3.  Slide a bead onto the second nylon loop.  It may be helpful to use a large needle to help push the loop through the hole in the bead (no need to thread the needle).
  4. Continue adding loops and beads in this fashion until it measures approximately 27" long.  In the example, I put one bead on every other loop but you can put as many or as few beads as you like.
  5. Add one more loop but this time, pass one end of the loop through the other end of the loop and pull taught.  This is equivalent to knotting the loop so all the loops don't side apart.
  6. Take the last loop you added and pass it through the third loop from the hook end.  Pass the hook through this loop and pull taught.  This forms a big loop to be worn around your neck.  Now you can clip your ID or keys to the lobster clip.

Printable Instructions

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