Customize your scarf by using any color yarn you wish!

Our sample was made to fit teens and adults and is made with 40 pompoms. It measures 56" long.  To make this scarf for younger children, just use fewer pompoms.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 2 Skeins yarn, worsted weight
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

how to make a fashion scarf

Craft Instructions

How to Make a pompom:

  • Wrap yarn 70 times around either four of your fingers or a 3" wide piece of cardboard.
  • Slip the yarn off your fingers/cardboard being careful not to let it unwind.
  • Tie a 10" piece of yarn tightly around the center of the loops. See tip above.
  • Cut the loops of yarn and trim these cut ends so they make a neat pompom. Do not cut the long tying string until you have trimmed the pompom as these ends are a good way to hold the pompom while you trim it.

How to Make a Fashion Scarf:

  • Follow the directions above to make approximately 40 pompoms.
  • If you have not done so yet, cut off the long strings used to tie the pompoms.
  • When making the pompoms, try to keep them as uniform in size as possible.
  • Cut a piece of yarn 70" long. Double knot one end of the yarn and thread the other end onto a yarn needle.
  • Pass the needle through the center of one of the pompoms and slide it down to the knotted end of the yarn.
  • Pass the needle through the center of another pompom and slide this pompom down to meet the previous pompom.
  • Continue adding pompoms until the scarf is the length you wish.
  • Remove the yarn needle. Double knot the end of the yarn and cut off any excess yarn.
  • * Tip: When you need to tie string around something - after crossing the ends and tucking one end under, tuck the same end under a second time before completing the knot. This will help keep the string much tighter while you complete the knot.
  • **Julie of Pelham, NH was kind enough to model the scarf for us.

Printable Instructions

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